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Offered here is a great piece of artwork from First Team Press released in 1990's in tribute to the Batman BATMAN "DAVINCI" SIGNED by BOB KANE RARE DUO TONE PRINTERS PROOF # 69 /100 LITHOGRAPH Up for auction is this beautiful limited edition duo-tone lithograph from the creator of Batman, Bob Kane. Drawn in this collage are several reference sketches of the original Batman as Robert Kane visioned the caped crusader back in 1938 ! Inspired buy drawings of Leonardo Da Vince, Mr. Kane layed out his creation, Batman in this some of his earliest work. The original set of drawings was stored folded and put in a trunk of other childhood memorabilia for many years before being found one day. He had the piece framed & hung on the wall outside his kitchen for many years in Los Angeles. Produced on beautiful imported linen finish paper to exact specifications for the Warner Brothers Studio Stores in 1990s. The edition of 500 sold out at. In addition to this regular edition of 500 there were Artist & Publishers Proofs of a much smaller edition size produced & signed by Bob Kane. These, as do the regular numbered edition, bare his authentic signature in gold lacquer ink & are adorned with the DC Comics seal in gold. (see pics) Approximately 17" X 19 1/2" plus border and framing. Excellent condition. A very beautiful item of historic value relative to this Icon of our time. A must have for the serious Batman collector.  A certificate of authenticity will be included. Frame is sold as-is, artwork condition is Very Good. Please ignore any flash, reflection or blur that is visible from taking the photo,  this is not visible on the cel at all.

Da Vinci Batman Artist Proof signed by Bob Kane Limited Edition Rare

  • A cel (short for celluloid) is a blank clear plastic sheet used by the studio artist to paint an animated character or object based on the animator's original pencil drawing. The cels are then placed over a background and photographed in sequence to produce an illusion of life in the completed film or cartoon short. Every cel is different but this does not mean that every cel is unique. Often multiple copies of a cel were created by the Inkers as colour models in order to advance their technique and skills.

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