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Care of Art

Can we handle Animation Cels?

Unframed Animation Cels should be handled as little as possible, preferably not at all. When handling your cel, it would be best to use clean cloth gloves. With or without gloves, cels are best handled by the edges.

Where can I store an unframed Animation Cel?

Store it upright, in a cool room, away from sources of direct heat or sunlight. Cels seem to store better in moderate humidity: not too dry and not too moist. Do NOT store in a Kitchen, bathroom, loft or cellar, unless properly insulated.

Where should I not hang a framed piece of Art?

Do not hang any art where direct sunlight can cross it and neither hand it above a radiator. Watch for hot-spots reflected from glass tables; it can be just as damaging as direct sunlight. If there is a high amount of reflected sunlight, you will want to make sure your cel is framed with a UV-reflective material.

Can I clean an Animation Cel myself?

NO, under any circumstances, do not attempt to clean a cel yourself. Leave this to the professionals such as your framer, who can remove minor smudges and other imperfections, and they should do so with extreme care.

How should I frame my artwork?

Always frame your art with the highest quality materials. Use acid-free mats and backing, especially for framing drawings or other, paper based artwork.

The above are general guidelines only, and are accepted practices in the Animation Art Industry. Premier Animation makes no warranties on this information, and presents them only as guidelines.

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