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  • What is Animation Art?
    Animation Art is more than just the cels and backgrounds seen by a camera in the finished version of an animated film, cartoon, short or commercial. It also includes inspirational sketches and paintings, story ideas, character models, and drawings used in the making of the animated film, aswell as post production models and publicity work, prepared after its completion.
  • What is Premier Animation?
    Premier Animation Ltd are an online UK gallery offering some of the finest vintage and contemporary Animation Art, Pop Art, Abstract Art, Modern and Contemporary Art on the net. We are mail order only and do not have a brick and mortar gallery.
  • Do you offer a Framing Service?
    Choosing a piece of Art is easy and safe over the internet, but choosing a frame is very personal and is more advisable to be done in person at a local framing gallery, as you can choose the exact size and colour to compliment your cel and the room it is to be displayed in. Artwork that is shipped framed can become warped, especially if it is a large piece, or if it is stretched on canvas. Additionally glass or perspex can crack or smash and damage your artwork. Shipping costs triple when a piece is framed, and this additional cost could be used to purchase another piece of art at a later date if so desired. Due to the above reasons Premier Animation have decided against offering a framing service for the benefit of the client and the art
  • Do you Appraise Animation Art?
    The cost is £20 for the first appraisal and £4 for each appraisal after that. We require a list of the art you want appraised and all the information that's relevant to each piece. You may send a cheque, cash, or postal order with your list or call ++44 (0) 0870 9220267 with your credit card number. Alternatively you can email us your details and we will call you back. The information you receive will be a list of the art you submitted for appraisal and the current retail or replacement price for each piece and this will be presented on a Premier Animation letterhead.
  • Do you have a Mailing List?
    Yes, we do, just add your email to the form at the top right hand side of most pages. Join Premier Animation's mailing list, and be the first to know about all of our new Animation Art that is just in stock, and all the new studio releases. Make sure you are up to date with all of our new listings, this way you will be assured to be one of the first to view every new piece we add to the site. Each week Premier Animation will be uploading new Artwork onto the site, so do not miss the opportunity to join our mailing list.
  • I am looking for an item that I cannot see listed, can Premier Animation help me?"
    Premier Animation can locate most Artwork. Please send us your wish lists, and we will do our very best to locate the Artwork as soon as we possibly can.
  • Do you offer payment plans for more expensive items?
    If you have have found an item that you simply cannot resist for your collection, then our interest free layaway plan is your perfect solution. Helping to spread the cost, you pay four monthly installments of 25% via post dated cheques, credit card, or any other preferred payment option. This service is available so that you the collector can purchase the art you love at a price that's right. To spread the cost of your artwork, you can pay for the item, for example, over a period of four months. Each month you will be required to pay a 25% installment of the total cost via post dated cheques, credit card, or any other preferred payment option. Please note that the first 25% installment is non refundable. We hold your artwork until all payments have been received. Once the artwork is paid for in full, we will then ship the item. Please note that if any payment is not received within five working days of the agreed due date, we will, with regret, be required to charge a service fee of £25 for each monthly occurance. If the layaway monthly payment is overdue for 30 days, we reserve the right to cancel the order and reoffer the artwork for sale. This service is available so that you the collector can purchase the art you love at a price that's right. Simply email us to request this service via our sales department.
  • Where do you find your vintage Artwork?
    Premier Animation acquires their vintage art from several sources including private collectors, animators or family and friends of animators, people who have found the pieces in their 'lofts', aswell as other galleries and dealers.
  • Do Premier Animation value Art?
    Yes, if you need a piece valued for insurance purposes, and need it in writing. Premier Animation will provide a written valuation for you for a small charge, which will depend on the amount of research and time involved in creating an accurate valuation.
  • Does Premier Animation ship Worldwide?
    Yes, we ship internationally.
  • Are limited edition cels hand painted?
    Yes limited edition cels are hand painted reproductions of famous scenes, or are sometimes newly created ones that often depict sports scenes, or mix characters together that ordinarily would not appear together. Some collectors also quite like the beautiful colour reproduction backgrounds that accompany the pieces as well.
  • How many cels are used in a typical cartoon?
    A film runs at 24 frames per second. That number never changes. Therefore the most any cartoon can be animated to is 24 fps. Budget films usually run at 12 cels per second, each cel being shot twice. However, lower budget cartoons can, and usually do, use the same cel three or more times. The more a cel is used, the "jerkier" the final cartoon will look. For a high budget cartoon, that runs for 8 minutes, there are roughly 11,520 hand painted cels used...which is a lot of hard skilled work (just think how many cels are used in a full length feature film). There is a whole new question that arises from this, and that is how many collectable cels are available from an 8 minute cartoon? Alternatively, if an 8 minute cartoon is animated at 24 fps, are there 11,520 collectable cels for sale? The answer is simply no. Firstly, you must consider that about half of the cels could never be sold, due to the main character's eyes being closed, they are passing behind another object, their back is showing, or it is just an awkward non attractive pose. Therefore, the majority of the cels have gone, and the remainder are left to be either destroyed, damaged through bad storage or sold to the collectors market. By this time there are only about 10% of the cels available to purchase.
  • Why is Animation Art important?
    Animation Art has become a universal art form that has entertained, informed, and instructed generations around the world for almost 100 years. Animation speaks to everyone in a universal language, regardless of age, creed, or nationality.
  • What makes Animation Art valuable?
    Age and rareity are two important factors. What character(s) are in the Artwork, and what expressions they are showing. Figures in a full pose position are normally more sought after than a head shot or half body pose. Memorable scenes from classic films or cartoons create a high value. Villains and Princesses are also valuable. Signatures of artists connected with a specific production can often increase the value. Walt Disney's signature on the mount/mat will also increase the value, as he never signed the artwork itself.
  • Should I invest in Animation Art?
    Collectors have purchased Animation Art for as little as one pound and sold it for hundred's or thousands of pounds. The value of Animation Art is increasing more rapidly than any other Art form on the collectable market. Select and purchase Animation Art because it gives you pleasure. Enjoy it to the full, and you will receive the greatest return on your investment, the joy of owning a moment in film making history that will never be repeated again.
  • What is a Lumicel?
    At first glance, Lumicel„¢ appears to be a beautifully drawn composite animation model sheet and sericel. It features favorite characters in a variety of expressive and dynamic poses, while further showcasing these characters in a central serigraphic or hand-painted color image. But then, with the wave of a hand, Lumicels comes to life with lighting, music and sound effects. Lumicel's exclusive IOn feature makes all of the technology invisible. There are no buttons, speakers, or switches to distract from the beauty of the artwork. Once the IOn is activated, a section of the model sheet is illuminated and an accompanying sound bite is played. The commentary varies from narration by animation pioneers such as Walt Disney or Mel Blanc, to quintessential character lines, soundtracks, or a film score.
  • I've received an error message stating that my credit card is invalid. What should I do?
    If you see an error message stating that your credit card is invalid, this has most likely happened for one of the following reasons: 1. You have incorrectly entered your credit card number. 2. You have incorrectly entered your CVV code. 3. You have incorrectly entered your expiration date. 4. You have used a cancelled credit card to place your order. 5. Your card is restricted to point-of-sale transactions only (sales where your card is physically scanned). Please double-check your credit card and/or with your bank to ensure that none of these problems have occurred. If you realize that you've made a mistake, simply return to the payment option page and enter in the correct information. Continue checking out as normal. If you're still encountering problems, please contact us. However, at NO point should you ever e-mail us your full credit card number. Your e-mail does not have the same security features in place as the website. If you wish to reference a specific credit card that you already have on file with us, please reference by the order number. If you believe that you have provided us with an incorrect CVV code or expiration date you may send us that corrected information via e-mail referencing by the order number. If you believe that your card was declined due to insufficient funds, but now have those funds available, you may ask that we attempt to charge your credit card again. If you believe that your card is restricted to point-of-sale transactions, you must either contact your bank about removing such restrictions, provide us with a different credit card, or choose a new payment method.
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