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Rare 1977 Original Star Wars Stormtrooper Film Movie Prop Promotional Helmet!

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire a rare original production promotional Stormtrooper helmet made for the 1977 George Lucas classic 'Star Wars'. The helmet is 80% unfinished/raw. It has just the mouth section and lower centre section painted black and the ear detail painted. It has suffered yellowing due to age and there is a screw hole in the forehead. This is very accurate to screen used versions except the top is more 'dome' like. The original owner remembers there being exhibitions in Selfridges, London in 1980 and also Harrods, London in 1983. The helmet has been in private collections for over 30 years. A letter of authenticity from Prop Masters detailing the history will accompany the prop. An exceptional piece of history worthy of display in any collection. Similar helmets have sold at major auction houses worldwide for five figure sums. If in a high street gallery this would command a price tag of at least £45000. Please contact us for payment methods or a payment plan..

Check out a link to a newspaper article about this helmet here:

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