Does Premier Animation Art accept credit cards, if so is it safe? Print this pagePrint this page

Yes, Premier Animation does accept credit cards, and it is extremely safe. Users enter information into Barclaycard ePDQ secure internet site. ePDQ is a secure online service for card payment authorisation and settlement. It enables you the customer to pay for goods 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The ePDQ Cardholder Payment Interface product (CPI) also enables customers to submit their card details direct to ePDQ for payment, therefore Barclaycard Merchant Services is ultimately responsible for maintaining security of the card details, not Premier Animation. This form asks for contact information (such as an email address), name, address, payment details and financial information (such as credit card number). This information is used for billing purposes only, and will never be disclosed or be given access to by anyone other than the proprietor of Premier Animation. The information may be used to contact the user if we have any questions about the order. We under no circumstances sell or otherwise disseminate the information in any manner other than that needed to process the order and to possibly contact the user about this order or future items we may have for sale.